Üsküdar University Preparatory School

2023-2024 Orientation Program

Üsküdar University offers one of the best and highest quality preparatory programs to our students with its expert and experienced academic staff. Our aim in English language education, which is an integral part of any quality education with its professional, academic and social functions, is to enable students to have access to the latest developments in their own fields of study as well as providing them with the ability to study their degree programs in English. Our students at Preparatory School undergo a training program based on our in-house level objectives (curriculum) in alignment with the internationally recognized standard The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We offer C level language program for students who want to further their studies in English even if they have passed the proficiency exam. At this level, we offer English for Specific Purposes (ESP) program which meets students’ needs in English at faculty level. At this level, we employ Problem-Based Learning and encourage detailed research to resolve interdisciplinary problems and write academic reports to offer solutions. The process includes stages from gathering data from a variety of sources to producing a well-researched academic report with a bibliography page following the formal academic register and rules. (MLA, APA)

Specialized English programs (Academic Coaching/ Professional English) are offered for the students who reach B level in addition to their regular English classes to familiarize them with the faculty- related vocabulary/ concepts/ arguments in their chosen field of study.

Preparatory School Modules:
English Language education at our school is given on a modular basis. An academic year in the Preparatory School consists of 4 modules of 8 weeks. According to the results of the Placement Tests, our students are placed at their appropriate level :(A1), (A2), (B1) and (B2) levels at the beginning of Fall semester.

Why Modular System?
The modular system has a flexible structure that responds quickly to changes. Each module consists of the teaching processes which operate within a systematic framework. The logic behind the Module allows the student to progress at his / her own pace and to be notified of his / her success instantly. This system allows the students who need relatively more time to learn and offers the opportunity for fast progress for high achievers. The aim of the Modular System is to ensure that students reach their target language skills at the end of the module and increase the quality of our language education by closely monitoring the language development of the students in a shorter period of time.

Placement and Proficiency Exams:
All students who are enrolled and will attend the Preparatory School are required to take the Placement Test. According to the results of the Placement Test, students are placed in one of the levels of A1, A2, B1 or B2 depending on their language level. It is optional to take the Proficiency Exam. Students who want to take it must indicate that they want to take the proficiency exam during the registration process. Those who receive (60/100) from the Proficiency Exam and are exempted from the Prep. School and continue with their undergraduate programs.


Test Equivalence Conditions of Exemption:
Those who prove their English proficiency level with the national / international (official) exam result documents can be exempted from Preparatory School.
For the validity period, the time between the examination date stated in the exam result document and the start date of the Fall Semester of our university is taken into account.


TOEFL (Computer Based / CBT) 221-222

TOEFL (Internet Based / IBT) 84

TOEFL (Paper Based / PBT) 561-562

Pearson PTE (Academic) 71

CPE Passing Grade

FCE Passing Grade



Students are subjected to an 8-week learning and assessment process in each module. The students should get an average of 60 or more out of 100 to move to the next level. In this system, the aim is to evaluate the process as well as the product.
In addition to mid-term and final exams, the success of the students in one module is calculated based on the quizzes, students’ motivation and active participation, portfolio works and grades given to the projects. To be able to successfully complete Prep School, students must at least be at B1 level to be eligible to sit the Proficiency Exam (UPROF) and receive a passing grade (60/100) minimum.

Every student has to attend at least 80% of the courses. Since English language instruction requires continuity, our students should not be absent except in extraordinary circumstances. Reports taken due to illness are not deducted from absence. Those reports accepted by the University are only valid for the compensation of the mid-term examinations. Absenteeism calculations are done on an 8-week module basis. Students who exceed 80% of absenteeism will not be able to take the exams at the end of the module and will have to repeat the level. Each module consists of 25 hours per week and 200 hours per 8 weeks.

Summer School:
Summer School starts at level B2 as the last module (5th) of the English Preparatory Program. The program lasts for 7-8 weeks. The assessment is done by taking into account the specified percentages of assessment components. At the end of the Summer School, students who get 60 or above from the UPROF can continue with their faculty studies.
Thanks to the Summer School, students can finish Preparatory School in one academic year even if they could not complete B2 level at the end of 4th module.