Registration and Enrollment Process

STEP 1 Graduation from High School

Students graduate from high school


After graduation from high school, they need to take two exams which are Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS) and Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS), held by OSYM (Higher Education Student Selection and Placement Center) to apply for universities.

STEP 3 Announcing the exam results

Results are announced on OSYM web page, Students can log in with their ID and Passwords to see their exam results.

STEP 4 Selection of university / program

After the results have been announced on web page, students need to prefer which university they would like to enroll. Therefore, they need to make their university and program preferences on after they have logged in with their IDs and Passwords.

STEP 5 Placement to university/ program

Students are placed in the program they preferred depending on the scores they got and the announcement is  on

STEP 6 Enrolment

Students register at the Student Affairs of the university they are placed with the necessary documents which need to be submitted.

STEP 7 Placement exam

Students need to take placement exam at School of Foreign Languages building on defined date/time on .According  to their exam results, they are placed in appropriate levels .

STEP 8 Proficiency exam (UPEX)

Students who get minimum 60 out of 100 from the placement exam are eligible to take the UPEX (Uskudar University Proficiency Exam). Students take the UPEX on the defined date/time on in ‘announcements’ part.

STEP 9 Result of UPEX

If students pass UPEX, they need to find their faculty secretary to study in their departments.

If they do not get the required score from the UPEX, they are placed in the appropriate levels which are announced on web page

STEP 10 Orientation

Orientation is held on the first week of Academic year and Student Handbooks are distributed. Director/ Assistant Director of Foreign Languages Department makes an opening speech. Academic staff and units introduce themselves and present their units.

STEP 11 Study Prep School

Students study for one year during which they are expected to successfully achieve the requirements of English Preparatory Program. The duration of Preparatory Program depends on the level of the student. The students who start from A1 and A2 levels study at English Prep School for one year, B1 and B2 levels can go on with their faculty studies if they successfully complete B2 level and pass the Proficiency Exam.

STEP 12 Certificate

Certificates of completion are prepared for the students who have completed English Preparatory Program and passed proficiency exam successfully. The certificates are distributed at Foreign Languages Department in the following academic year.

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