Testing & Assessment Unit

Having student centred curriculum at ÜUFLD is one of our main priorities and we believe that testing and assessment cannot be separable from this principle. We believe that testing and assessment can be effective only when it is integrated with the curriculum and it is delivered to the students in the classroom in the way the curriculum is designed. It is our firm belief that the aim of testing and assessment should not be only to measure the student but also create awareness for teachers and students in terms of their language knowledge and what they can do with the language inside the classroom as well as the outside world. As ÜUFLD our mission in testing and assessment is to create continuous assessment environment for the students in order to monitor them constantly and give the necessary support in the areas they need help with. To realize this, we employ formative and cumulative assessment methods in our portfolios and class projects. We use summative assessment method in our midterm, final and quizzes and compare the results against our curriculum.

Our testing and assessment has embedded the principles below:

• Reliability and validity

• Practicality and authenticity

• Communicating with stakeholders

• Standardization process in terms of fairness and ethical standards

• Secure testing and assessment environment

• Assessment as a tool to identify the students’ needs

• Curriculum objectives as a guideline for the testing and assessment process

• Integrate all skills equally to the testing and assessment procedure

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