Students go through an eight-week education and evaluation period in each quarter. During this period, their performance is assessed on the basis of the components below. They need to get 60 points out of 100 in order to finish the quarter successfully.

The purpose of this system is to focus on the productive skills of the students. Final grade of the students is calculated taking into account the percentage indicated in the table above. Students who   finish B2 level successfully are qualified to take the Prep School Exit Exam (Proficiency). Minimum score to pass the Proficiency Exam is 60/100.

Attendance (Devamsızlık)

Students are obliged to attend at least 80% of the classes each module. Language learning requires a great deal of effort and attendance is an important part of it. Medical reports are only accepted for make-up exams, not for absenteeism. Students who fail due to absenteeism cannot take the module final and proficiency exams; they have to repeat the level they failed. If students fail due to absenteeism they will have to continue their Prep School education the following year.  This rule applies to the students whose departments are English-medium.

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