Preparatory School Modules:
The English education at our school is given in a modular sense, in the direction of the European Union language proficiency criteria in A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels. An academic year in the Preparatory School consists of 8 modules of 4 weeks per week. According to the results of the Placement Examinations, our students are placed at their appropriate level from the Foundation (A1), Level 1 (A2), Level 2 (B1) and Level 3 (B2) levels.

Why Modular System?
The modular system has a flexible structure that responds quickly to changes. Each module consists of the teaching processes which have a beginning and an end, which are organized within a systematic framework. The logic behind the Module allows the student to progress at his / her own pace and to be notified of his / her success instantly. This system allows the students who need time to learn to repeat the program and offers the opportunity for fast progress for early learners. The aim of the Modular System is to ensure that students reach their target language skills at the end of the modules as they will continue according to level groups and increase the quality of our language education by closely monitoring the language development of the students in a shorter period of time.

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