Curriculum& Material Development Unit

The ÜUFLD aims to offer a high-quality academic language education program based on its specified CEFR aligned grammar and academic skills objectives. The Curriculum for each level (A1, A2, B1, B2) is designed on the basis of these specific learning outcomes. To achieve the target learning outcomes, the constructivist method of teaching is implemented.
The constructivist method is based on a guided discovery where the instructor avoids direct instruction and attempts to lead the students through questions and activities to discover, discuss, internalize and verbalize the new language.
At ÜUFLD, we put students at the core of our education since we believe that students should take responsibility for their learning and grow as independent and resourceful agents.
Our curriculum has embedded the principles below:
• Learners are given a learning environment which optimizes their learning potential.
• All resources are implemented to support learners’ learning needs.
• Problem-based learning principles are implemented in our portfolio tasks to enrich learners’ critical thinking skills.
• Communicative teaching method is used in classes to enrich learners’ autonomy.
• Learning to learn is emphasized and put into practice.
• Learners are given opportunities and support for practice, accompanied by self-assessment and constructive feedback from teachers and peers.
• Learners are given opportunities to reflect on their practice; this involves analysing and assessing their own performance and developing new perspectives and options.

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