Erasmus exam 09.12.2019

Dear students,

Please be at Çarşı Campus at 9.00 o’clock. Find your classroom by checking the lists on the classroom doors. Don't be late. Your optic sheets will be distributed and you will fill the sheets with the help of your teachers until 09.30. DO NOT FORGET your student ID Cards because noone is allowed to take the exam without the ID Cards. Bring your pencils and erasers. The written component of the exam begins at 9.40 and ends at 12.15. There is a break after the listening session. You have to take all of the written and speaking component of the exam if you want to get a passing grade. In the written component you will have two reading texts, a note-taking lecture, an essay writing part.

In the afternoon, at 13.30, your speaking exam will be held. Go to the waiting room  Z-32 and wait for the announcement. Be on time.

Have a successful exam

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