Announcement for the IMA Module I

Dear all;       

The following is the schedule for the IMA Module I:

Birmingham (A1)      Monday, OCTOBER 31st at 09:00 

Paddington (B1)        Monday, OCTOBER 31st at 13:30    


Exeter (A2)               Tuesday, NOVEMBER 1st at 09:00      

Islington (B2)           Tuesday, NOVEMBER 1st  at 13:30


The exam will be FACE TO FACE for all students.

It includes Reading and Listening (While listening and Note taking) UOE and Writing

* There is no lesson on (just) Monday and Tuesday.

* Students should come to school 30 minutes before the time of exam.

* In order to find the place of exam, check the list that your advisor shared with you.

Good luck

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