Announcement for IMA








Dear teachers;

         For Module 4 there will be IMA exam and like previous module, it will be announced and assigned on STIX , LMS or Zoom with time limit.

The date is as follows:

Exeter at 10 on Wednesday,May 13th .

Paddington at 13:30 on Wednesday, May 13th .

Birmingham at 10 on Thursday, May 14th.

Richmond at 13:30 on Thursday, May 14th.

In All levels you are given 30 min. extra time to send back the files.




     The IMA for Module 4 will be at …. On ……. . and the procedure of exam is as follows:

Reading 35 min.

UOE 40 min.

Note taking 25 min.

  • The outline sheet will be given in advance and you will have 3 min. to go through that.
  • Then the audio file which is about 14 min. will be sent to you.
  • After listening and taking note you will be give the questions and 7 min. to write the questions.

Writing 70 min.


  • Please answer the questions on the papers following the instructions. You can fill in the blanks, make it BOLD and underline the options or use a different colors.
  • The documents will be given in Microsoft Word, so make sure that you have them.
  • In order to make the exam easier, you are given more 30 min. in comparing with the normal exams. 
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