Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the English Preparatory Program compulsory for all students?

 The English Preparatory Program is “compulsory” for students who are registered in departments in which the medium of instruction is completely or partly English. Students registered in Turkish-medium departments are required to inform the Directorate of the School of Foreign Languages during their registration, if they wish to attend the English Preparatory Program.

2. How long is the English Preparatory Program?  

Prep school program lasts for a year and it consists of 4 quarters. Each quarter lasts 8 weeks. The students who have completed B2 level are eligible to take the Proficiency Exam. They may study B2 level either in winter term (February) in spring term (June) or in summer school.

3. How can I be exempt from the English Preparatory Program?

To be exempt from the EPP you must:

a) receive a minimum of 60 points from the ÜUFLD Proficiency Exam or

b) receive a minimum of 65 points from the Foreign Language Exam (YDS/YOKDIL) conducted by OSYM; or

c) receive a score equivalent to at least 65 points on the YDS/YOKDIL from a foreign language exam accepted by our University Senate. For the current equivalence table, you can visit OSYM’s website or

4. Can I be exempted from Prep. School if I have already received a prep school diploma from another university?

The students who have already received their diplomas and graduated with the degree that Üskudar University stated from another university can be exempted. (The students should be prepared to give the official documents and the documents are valid for maximum 3 years).

5. Which exams do l have to take to be exempt from the English Preparatory Program?  

  • English Placement Exam
  • English Proficiency Exam

6. What is the English Placement Exam? Is taking the English Placement Exam compulsory?

The PE is not an achievement test. The primary objective of the PE is to identify the English levels of students. The PE is a multiple-choice exam consisting of comprehension, grammar, vocabulary sections. Results are announced on the Prep. School website. According to the results of the PE, students are placed in classes in accordance with their level. The students who get 60 and above are eligible to take the Proficiency Exam. For more information visit;

a) Where can I find the information about the date, time and place of the English Placement Exam?

Information regarding the date, time, and place of the English Placement Exam can be found in the Academic Calendar of the School of Foreign Languages and Registration Guide of that academic year.

b) What sections are there in the English Placement Exam (EPE)?

The English Placement Exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions on use of English, vocabulary and reading skills.

c) How can I learn the result of my English Placement Exam (EPE)?

You can learn the result of your English Placement Exam given at the beginning of the academic year, by linking to the “Announcements and News” on the Web page of ÜUFLD;

d) What is the minimum score I should set in the English Placement Exam in order to be eligible for the English Proficiency Exam?

Students who achieve a net score of 60 out of 100 will be eligible to take the English Proficiency Exam.

7.  What is the English Proficiency Exam?

The English Proficiency Examination is an exam that assesses the students’ proficiency in English. Students who are successful in the English Placement Exam administered at the beginning of the academic year are eligible for the English Proficiency Exam, the students who get a score of 60/100 and above will be exempt from Prep. School and start their faculty studies.

8. Where can I find the info about the date, time and place of the English Proficiency Exam given at the beginning of the Academic Year?

 Information regarding the date, time and place of the English Proficiency Exam can be found on ÜUFLD website;

a) What is the passing grade for the English Proficiency Exam?

 The minimum passing grade required is 60 (sixty) out of 100 (one hundred).

 b) What are the components of the English Proficiency Examination?

 Proficiency Exam consists of two parts.

c) How can I learn the result of my English Proficiency Exam (UPEE)?

 You can learn the result of your English Proficiency Exam by linking to the “Announcements and News” on the Web page of the School of Foreign Languages.

d) How can we get prepared for the Proficiency Exam (UPEE)? What books can I use when studying for the English Proficiency Examination?

 Books aimed at KPDS, TOEFL, YDS / e- YDS / YÖKDİL, CAE exams or any English Proficiency Exam would be appropriate. Your production skills will be assessed in the exam rather than some specific language structures. Getting information about the components of the exam might be useful. For more information about the ÜUFLD Proficiency Exam and for sample questions, you can visit;

9. What can I do if I think there is a problem with my exam grade?

Students may submit a petition to the management of the ÜUFLD. All appeals must be submitted in writing within three days of the announcement of the exam results. You can apply to the ÜUFLD Assistant Director’s office.

 10. I want to submit a petition or appeal to the ÜUFLD management. Where can I find sample forms and petitions?

 You can find all forms and petitions on the ÜUFLD website by clicking here or from the assistant Director’s office.

11. What is the education system in the English Preparatory Program?

The English education at our school is given in a modular sense, in the direction of the European Union language proficiency criteria in A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels. An academic year in the Preparatory School consists of 8 modules of 4 weeks per week. According to the results of the Placement Examinations, our students are placed at their appropriate level from the Foundation (A1), Level 1 (A2), Level 2 (B1) and Level 3 (B2) levels.

A student is required to complete each module successfully with an overall grade of at least 60, in order to advance to a higher level.

A student is required to comply with the school’s attendance requirements for that module in order to be eligible to take the Final Exam.

12. Why Modular System?

The modular system has a flexible structure that responds quickly to changes. The logic behind the Module allows the student to progress at his / her own pace and to be notified of his / her success instantly. The aim of the Modular System is to increase the quality of our language education by closely monitoring the language development of the students in a shorter period of time.

13. Is attendance compulsory in the English Preparatory Program? What happens if I exceed the maximum limit?

 Yes, regular attendance is required in the English Preparatory Program. Students studying at all levels of the English Preparatory Program have to meet the attendance requirements in each module in order to be eligible for the Final Exam given at the end of that module. Students are responsible for keeping track of their class attendance through the Student Information System (SIS).

The upper limit for absenteeism is 40 ((forty) class hours for 8-week modules (attendance requirement is 80% of the total class hours of that module) with or without a doctor’s report.

14. Is it possible to receive a medical report in order not to be marked as absent?

No, even if you have a medical report you are marked absent. Reports taken due to illness are not deducted from absence. Those reports accepted by the University are only valid for the compensation of the mid-term examinations and portfolio tasks.

15. What happens if a student is late for a course?

Nobody can be deprived of the right to education. That is why the late comers are able to enter the classroom but they are marked absent.

16. How can I keep track of my grades and my attendance record?

You can check your grades and your attendance record by logging into our Student Information System (SIS) on the Üsküdar University Web Page: using the user name and password given to you during your registration (process).

17Is it possible to ask for a classroom change?

The classes are arranged on the basis of some academic principles and physical conditions. That is why such demands are not met by the SFL management except for the very extraordinary situations. Extraordinary situations are dealt with during the first two days of each module. Extraordinary situations involve students who have to work and students who are under medication.

18. Am I entitled to make-ups for the exams that I have missed?

 There are no make-ups for quizzes and final exam.  Students can take make-up exams for Midterms and Portfolio Tasks provided that they submit a medical report. Medical reports have to be submitted to the English Preparatory School Instructor and Student Affairs office within 5 (five) work days following the final date of the report.

19. What should I do if I encounter technical problems in online courses and exams?

Students can refer to Digital Support Unit Coordinator for help when they encounter technical problems on any online work.

 20. Are there any support units that I can get help apart from lessons?

The students who want to get extra practice may go to relevant Level Head. The tutorials last for maximum 30 minutes. Each student has a right to take tutorial sessions in each module and the sessions are arranged by the level heads depending on the needs of the student. During the exam weeks, tutorials are not offered.

21. Is participation in the English Preparatory Program Orientation compulsory? 

 As the Orientation provides detailed information about the English Preparatory Program, attendance is absolutely compulsory. All information pertaining to the English Preparatory Program will be provided in detail during the orientation period, and all issues that the students are curious about will be answered. If you do not attend the orientation, you could miss out important information on academic subjects and about your responsibilities in the English Preparatory Program. The dates and times of the Orientation Program will be announced on the Announcements and News of the Web page of the School of Foreign Languages.

22Can students who register for Turkish-medium departments attend EPP?   

Yes. These students are required to fill in the “Application Form for Participation in the English Preparatory Program” during their registration, indicating their wish to attend the program. Students who have filled in this form are deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions regarding the English Preparatory Program. Students who fail to fill in this form, or who do not state their wish to do so to the registrar during registration will not be accepted to the English Preparatory Program and will be assigned to their respective departments.

 23. What are the advantages of participating and successfully completing the English Preparatory Program for students registered in departments in which English is optional?

 English Preparatory Program provide students several opportunities, such as the following:

  • Students who attend and successfully complete the English Preparatory Program will be in great demand in their sectors when they combine the English they have learned with their academic and vocational education,
  • Students interested in studying abroad through student exchange programs like (the) Erasmus and World Exchange will be one step closer to passing the English Proficiency Exam and will be one step ahead of others in their academic and social life in the countries they go to, due to their foreign language skills.
  • When these students apply to a company for internship, they are more likely to be preferred due to their knowledge of English.


24. At which campus will the English Preparatory Program be held?

  Üsküdar University Main Campus C Block.

25. Where can I get general information about the English Preparatory Program?

 General information about the English Preparatory Program is accessible via the links on the Web Page of the Üsküdar University School of Foreign Languages.

26. In which circumstances should I take Summer School?

Students who could not complete B2 level at the end of 4th module and want to finish Preparatory School in one academic year should take summer school.

Summer School starts at level B2 as the last module (5th) of the English Preparatory Program. The program lasts for 7-8 weeks. Assessment is carried out by taking the averages of the assessment components same as during the year. At the end of the Summer School, students with a general average of 60 and above are eligible to take the Preparatory Proficiency (Exit) Exam. Students who get 60 or above complete the Summer School and Preparatory Program successfully and continue with their faculty studies.

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