Guidance And Counselling

In order to help our students succeed, as Üsküdar University English Preparatory School, we provide our students consultancy service on cases that may affect their academic achievements negatively. Student counseling is a chain system consisting of class advisors, student consultants and our level coordinators. In our Prep School, an advisor is appointed to each class and our students can share their problems that affect their performance negatively with their advisors. Advisor may refer students to student consultant if they think it is necessary. Students see the student consultant directly after making an appointment. Student consultant may inform the level coordinator about the student and if necessary, may send the students to Üsküdar University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service. You may see the most frequent topics students seek counseling for.

  • Adapting to university life
  • Culture shock
  • Interaction in class
  • Motivation and success
  • Effective foreign language learning and study techniques
  • Overcoming exam anxiety
  • Effective time management