Proficiency Exam (UPROF)

Proficiency Test is designed to assess the English language proficiency level of students who are entitled to undertake their undergraduate or graduate studies at Uskudar University. The aim of the exam is to determine whether the students’ proficiency in English is at a level that will enable them to follow courses offered in their respective fields of study and fulfill the requirements of the courses with relative ease. Thus, the Proficiency is mainly concerned with assessing students’ proficiency in reading and understanding academic texts, their ability to follow lectures, take notes and make use of these notes, as well as their competence in composing academic texts of varying length. Therefore, the main focus of the Proficiency is English for Academic Purposes and it may well serve the needs of students in other English-medium universities, provided it is recognized by their institutions.

Grading is out of 100. Passing grade is 60. THERE IS NO MAKE-UP FOR THE PROFICIENCY EXAM.

Proficiency exam consists of two parts.

Sample Proficiency Exam

Proficiency exam sample answer key

Proficiency exam sample writing part

proficiency exam sample