Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long is the duration of prep school education?

Prep school program lasts for a year and it consists of 4 quarters. Each quarter lasts 8 weeks but the period of the study varies depending on the module that the student has started. The students who have completed B2 level are eligible to take the Proficiency Exam. They may study B2 level either in winter term (February) in spring term (June) or in summer school.

2) Which students are exempted from Prep. school?

The students who get minimum 60 out of 100 from proficiency exam are exempted from prep school and can start their undergraduate program. For detailed information about exemption, please follow the link.

3) Can I be exempted from Prep. School if I have already received a prep school diploma from another university?

The students who have already received their diplomas and graduated with the degree that Üskudar University stated from another university can be exempted. (The students should be prepared to give the official documents and the documents are valid for maximum 3 years).

4) How can we get prepared for proficiency exam?

Your production skills will be assessed in the exam rather than some specific language structures. Getting information about the components of the exam might be useful.

5) Can I start with my faculty studies after I finish B2 level?

At the end of the year, if you have passed B2 level and if your department is English-medium, you have to pass the proficiency exam.

6) Who should take Placement exam?

Placement exam is a must for all students who are going to attend prep school at the beginning of the academic year.

7) What are the modules in Prep. School?

There are 4 modules which are A1 –A2-B1 and B2. According to the results of the placement test, the students start their education from A1, A2 or B1 levels.

8) Is attendance compulsory? What happens if I exceed the maximum limit?

Every student has to attend 80% of their classes. If they exceed the limit, they automatically have to repeat the level. They are not given a chance to sit the final exam.

9) How can I buy course books?

After all the results have been announced and the classes have been displayed on the website, you may buy the course books from anywhere you want. However; during the first week of the module, the relevant bookstand will be available in the school.

9) What are the assessment components in Preparatory School?

Quizzes, midterm, online homeworks, portfolios and final.

10) Are there any support units that I can get help apart from lessons?


The students who want to get extra practice may come to prep school coordinator office. The tutorial lasts for 30 minutes. Each student has a right to take 3 tutorial sessions in each quarter and the sessions are arranged by the coordinators in Z 13 depending on the needs of the student. During the exam weeks, tutorials are not offered.

Office hours

The students may consult their instructors about any issue they are facing with their studies during instructors’ office hours.