Preparatory School Programme



Üsküdar University Preparatory Program is mainly for students whose proficiency in English language is not sufficient to further their studies. Therefore, the program aims at improving students’ competency and skills in English language at academic level in order to prepare them for their academic studies and beyond.

Our Program aims at developing students’ linguistic accuracy and range in English as well as introducing a critical approach to thinking, reading, speaking and writing in an academic environment. The students will be equipped with the survival skills they need not only during their under-graduate studies but also after they graduate and become active agents in academic, professional and social environments.

Our Program has adopted the teaching philosophy which is based on  the belief that a good teacher should empower students to take ownership of their education. This involves enhancement of skills and facilitation of students’ learning process rather than simplistic transfer of dry information. The instructors, in this program, are thus guides or facilitators coaxing students on an intellectual journey, to help them develop curiosity about language and culture, and to give them the opportunity to confront new ideas and different points of view. This; we believe to be the best way to motivate students to improve their language, learn to think critically, ultimately to improve their minds and become autonomous agents.

We employ student-centered approach to develop our students’ academic, linguistic and critical thinking skills. To this end, we make sure all our classes are based on the principles of

  • student autonomy,
  • life-long education,
  • academic honesty,
  • criticality,
  • meaningfulness

We wish all our students success in their studies at the PP and later in their faculty.



Üsküdar University Preparatory Program Director


Due to the general medium of instruction of the interdisciplinary education offered by Uskudar University (ALFSI), the university’s English Preparatory School is of utmost importance.The level of English in courses offered by the different faculties and departments at university level is quite advanced.

Uskudar University Preparatory School teaches a full range of English language courses to preparatory, undergraduate and postgraduate students for a duration of two years to prepare them for the academic skills and knowledge they will acquire during their studies.

The mission of our school is to offer our students internationally recognized language qualifications and to provide them with a wide range of extra educational, social and cultural support that will benefit them during their stay at our school and in their future professional careers.

More importantly, the Uskudar University Prep School aims to enhance and advance students’ writing, listening, reading and speech skills in English which is crucial for success in their academic departments that offer education in English. The education offered by the English Preparatory school is of international standards. The English Preparatory School and it’s highly qualified staff has made it it’s top priority to provide all necessary support to our students in helping them advance and improve their foreign language skills.

The programme offered by the Preparatory School includes courses that will enhance students’ abilities to listen and understand, to take notes, use different reading and skimming skills, their abilities to express themselves and share their views in English. The programme, using the latest and most effective methods, also aims to enhance students understanding capabilities (particularly regarding academic texts) and their writing skills, such as essay preparation, reports, presentations and taking notes.

At the start of the every academic year, an English proficiency exam is held for students who want to study in departments in which the medium of instruction is in English. The proficiency exam determines whether or not students possess the necessary level of English to proceed directly to undergraduate studies.

At English Preparatory School, language learning is viewed as a developmental, interactive and reflective process. Accordingly, the students’ exposure to and the use of the language in class as well as outside class is emphasized at every opportunity. To this end, the courses are designed not only to support students’ language development by means of the provision of on-going feedback and extensive support on their achievement, but also to foster life-long learning. EPS Portfolio work allows students to reflect on their own progress as well as promoting the need for students to take responsibility for personal planning of study time.

In addition to offering preparatory English courses to undergraduate students, the school provides a valuable service to the growing needs of the university which attaches great importance to foreign languages.

Students who have successfully finished the English Preparatory Programme will also acquire an ALFSI language certificate which is accredited by the reputable universities of the USA and Canada.